Success Stories

Southern Nevada Allergy can take care of all your evaluation and immunotherapy needs. The doctors have many years of experience and the office and medical staff are some of the kindest people you would ever let stick you with a needle!

I suppose not everyone in Las Vegas suffers from allergies, but for those of us who do/did immunotherapy is the answer. You will be able to resume outdoor activities regardless of the season once your treatment takes hold. I am even able to be around dogs now with no sneezing, watery eyes, or itchy skin.

I would recommend Southern Nevada Allergy to anyone seeking support with their allergic reactions to our desert plants or even their own pets.

Allergy season is in full affect and my sinuses are screaming! This place is a little out the way but the only place I could get an appointment at a reasonable time. On top of that, this would be the first allergist I’ve seen in almost 10 years. The waiting area is big enough and has two different desks, one for the allergist and one for the shots.

Once you’re called back, the nurses bring you into a room to ask more questions and do some testing. All in all, they were helpful and great. I was scheduled for a couple more follow up appointments and was sent on my way with 5 different prescriptions.

Dr. Cohen is one of the best immunologists in town.

Dr. Cohen & his staff are exceptional! Wendy is awesome! I have to go to his clinic 2x/week for allergy shots and it’s a drive, but always worth it!

Dr Cohen is a great doctor that really cares about his patients. I have been a patient for 3-4 years and he has been extremely helpful in my quest to control my severe allergies.

I have gotten to know the entire staff and everyone is great! They do their best to run an “on time” office with appointment times which I really appreciate. I think the longest I’ve waited after my appt time was 15 minutes and Dr Cohen actually called the desk so they could let me know he was stuck in traffic.

This review wouldn’t be complete without including Bob Rowe. He is the nurse practitioner in the office and is awesome! It is easier to get an appointment with him if you are sick or need urgent care. Bob is very knowledgeable and a truly caring person. Not to mention, he has a great sense of humor 🙂

I have been to a few of the other allergists in town and have never been impressed. There is definitely something special about Dr Cohen’s office and staff. I highly recommend visiting their office if you have allergies/asthma.